Thursday, May 19, 2011

zip clutch

You may remember that for christmas, I made a couple of curvy clutches as gifts using keyka lou patterns. At the same time I also got a pattern for a zip clutch and just hadn't gotten around to making one. Well my sister asked me to make her one with a zipper since she leaves loose change in her bag and it was just falling out of the curvy clutch (I could have just made a change purse I guess, but oh well). I asked her if she wanted this one to be fun{ky} or classy and chose the first option. I debated the perfect fabric for a while, and then I found it. A zebra print pillow case on clearance at Bed, Bath an Beyond! It is so soft and pillow case-y and makes quite a nice clutch. I used some nice green fabric leftover from the peekaboo quilt for the lining, just for a nice pop of color. I love how saturated the green is, even though it was harder to sew with.

The pattern is great; easy to follow and really nice results. I am actually planning on making the slightly larger one for myself. My only problem, which I intend to try and fix with mine, is that there is really no structure to the bag. I put some interfacing in, but I think it needs a layer of batting or flannel or something similar to the curvy clutch. The wristlet strap comes from the curvy clutch as well and worked out really nicely.

Stay tuned for graduation gifts part III tomorrow!

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