Monday, May 30, 2011

a clutch for me!

I finally did it, I got around to making myself the clutch I have been wanting/needing for ages. I got it into my head that I wanted to use one of my Anna Maria Horner voile fabrics (first impression, in blush from the innocent crush line in case you were wondering) and some of the natural colored fabric I got from Ikea and I just couldn't get it out of my head. It went quickly, as I knew it would. I cut out the fabric during one naptime, along with a couple other projects, and sewed it in another.

I used what I learned from my sisters zip clutch and added the two layers of flannel (instead of interfacing) to help make it a bit sturdier. Honestly, it is still pretty floppy and I kinda worry about my phone being banged up in there, but maybe I'll make a little case for that too. Anyway, it came out great and it fits everything I need it to. This time I made the large size and really all it needs is a pocket inside, so we'll see about that for the next one. I love using the keyka lou patterns, they are so easy to follow and give such great results! Again I added the wristlet strap from the curvy clutch pattern since I need something easy to hang on to and to fish out of a diaper bag.

I actually have fabric that would be great for a bunch more clutches, but I would have to sell them or something since I can only use so many bags haha. We'll see when/if I get around to making all those, for now I have quite a few more immediate projects.

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