Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Girl Quilts

A very dear lady at work became a grandmom last week. A couple of weeks ago someone announced they would be collecting money for a gift for her daughter and I immediately thought, hey, we could make her a quilt and called my quilting partner in crime. Was this an entirely sane thing to do? No, not really. Getting things done on a deadline while working right now, not so easy, but whatever. Will it be worth it to know that this baby has such beautiful blankets to lounge on? Totally.

Originally, we were going to go to Joanns, pick out some fabrics and make a strip quilt similar to my pink and brown one. Simple enough. Then, I made the mistake of looking at fabric online to get ideas. In my searching, I found the Lily and Will by Bunny Hill Designs in pink and fell in love. Pink and brown? Yes please! And bunnies too! A jelly roll seemed just the thing to make a pretty strip quilt and have a nice variety of fabrics. But surely we could get two quilts out of a jelly roll! And so the plotting continued. I had been wanting to make another stacked coins quilt ever since I saw one with different (read: better) quilting, and this seemed just the opportunity.

The jelly roll came with 40 strips and we used 17 to make the stacked coins quilt and the other 23 for the strip quilt. I already had the ivory for the sashing and enough batting so we just needed backing and binding which we decided would be opposite for each. I made the stacked coins quilt, quilted both and bound them. All straight line quilting, across each strip about 1/2" from the bottom for the one quilt, and the other has straight lines down the sashing. It took 3 pretty intense nights to get them bound, but they are now finished, washed and wonderful.

We love the way they came out and just can't wait to give them. (if only the pictures did them justice....stupid lack of sunny days...). Hopefully they will be loved and enjoyed. I actually love them so much I would be happy to keep them, but I am pretty sure I have enough quilts and with so many more planned, I can handle parting with these two :)

So that crosses those off my list. Actually I had to add them to my list just so I could cross them off since it was really just me getting side tracked. I am still trucking away at some other things. Believe it or not, I am actually 1/4 of the way done quilting my little folks quilt. I love it more with every step of the process. More on that later.

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