Monday, May 14, 2012

So close...

Yet still so much to do. How was your weekend? We had a very nice time around here. Beautiful weather always helps. And despite the fact that my mother's day started way too early thanks to a certain little love of mine, it was a good day. In fact, the hubby and child took me out and picked out some fabric for me

I have been plugging away at all the things I want to get done in the next few days. I am so close to finished each of them, but just not quite there yet. I am almost done my triangle quilt, my beach bag, and my skill builder blocks. And I have two clutches that I found that have been cut out for ages and need to be put together. I think I can do all that in the next few days. I guess we'll see. I can't believe it is so close to our vacation. I think I am entering panic mode :) But I am so excited. I think I have 3 days left to sew everything I have left. And when I come back, I start with the toddler swoon. It turns out we will be needing it sooner rather than later since my little lady figured out how to climb out of her crib last week. So far we haven't had a repeat performance, but I need to get that ready for the toddler bed transition.

 And that's about all that's going on here. Hopefully by Wednesday I'll have most of this done to show you!

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