Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday {5.9.12}

Wednesday again? I can't believe it's been a week already! I am totally dragging this week and things are taking much longer than I feel like they should. That's alright though, I'm not too worried about it. I will just keep plugging away and hope it gets done in the next week.


Cosmic Burst QAL

I finished this one and I love it. Such a happy little quilt and a great QAL.


Beach tote
I want something huge but flexible that I can stuff in my suitcase and not take up too much space, but fit everything to bring to the beach with me. I have fabric picked out, I just need something for straps.

Still Going:

Scrappy Triangles

 Serious progress is being made. This is one row over half of the triangles, and the top 4 rows are already sewn together. I decided to go for a roughly 72" square blanket which means I will be using 828 triangles. I wish I was done, but I am getting there. This is pretty much all I've been working on and it is just taking forever. I am happy to say that I really love how it is looking so far, so that keeps me going even though I am starting to hate these little things.

Skill Builder blocks
I am a block behind now, but I think I'll wait for the next one and do both this weekend. 

Toddler Dress #2
Yep, didn't touch it.


*dresden toddler quilt
*toddler swoon quilt
*circus baby quilt

The list actually feels pretty small to me. I don't know if I'll get it all done in the next week, but that is what I'm aiming for. That way I can start on my waiting list after vacation. I have the rest of the triangles all sorted into rows so it should go a bit quicker now and I will hopefully get the top done in the next few days. We'll see. And maybe we'll be lucky and the sun will come out one of these days. I miss the sun. And now, back to sewing triangles. Forever.

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  1. Love the scrappy triangles quilt!

  2. Oh those scrappy triangles are making me swoon. I want to try one of these this summer too.

  3. Love those scrappy triangles!

  4. Yay- your scrappy triangles are really coming along. It can feel like forever when they're that small. :)

  5. ooo, I love your triangles!! Those are so pretty! Your other projects look awesome too!