Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday {5.16.12}

Well, this is my last wip post before vacation next week and who knows if I'll be recovered to post on the week after. I am happy to report that this week is mostly finishes. I managed to get everything on my list done so that I can move on to my waiting list when I return. It has been such a busy week and now I need to pack and pack and pack while getting my toddler ready to be abandoned for a week. Having never been away from her for more than 8 hours, I am understandably a bit nervous, but I think it will be okay. I have been channeling all my nervous excitement into my sewing and it was very productive.


Scrappy Triangles

I must admit that I hated every step of the way, but I love the end result. Now the weather just needs to be nice enough for a picnic. I will hopefully post better pictures and more info on Friday.

Skill Builder blocks 31 & 32

Cactus Flower was inset seams and Hexagon flower was english paper piecing. I didn't love either of them but they look nice now that they are done.

Toddler Dress

It's more of a tunic really. I finally sucked it up and did it. And it is really cute but a bit big for now, so hopefully she'll grow into it.

Beach Bag

This was simple and quick and I love it. Perfect to crumple up in my suitcase and bring to the beach.

Curvy Clutch

I found the pieces all cut out for this in a pile and figured I should just do it before it got lost again. I love how it turned out.

Zip Clutch

This is my favorite little zip pouch in the history of ever I think. I had this all ready too, and just sewed it up yesterday.


Technically I did not cut into anything new. I may have piles of fabric sitting around waiting for me to play, but I did not technically start anything

Waiting: {next up!}

*dresden toddler quilt {I just need a background}
*toddler swoon quilt {All fabric ordered and should be here by the end of the week. Will start cutting as soon as I get back}
*circus baby quilt {Designed, I just need to finish working out measurements, pick a few more fabrics and get going}

So there you go. It was really a crazy week, but it feels so good to have things pretty much wrapped up before vacation. I can't wait to come home and get started on these quilts that have been taunting me for weeks.  Today is haircut and packing day, tomorrow I get my sister all settled and help her figure out what is going on and Friday we are off on a grand adventure! I'll get my scrappy triangle quilt up on Friday and after that you probably won't hear much from me for a while. Maybe I'll stop by with a pretty picture or two :) Have a great couple of weeks!

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  1. I really like your triangle quilt. I thought about making one and I might someday but for now I need to maintain my sanity and I think that might be enough to make me loose it. Have fun on vacay!

  2. Cute clutches. The triangle quilt is amazing - I'm exhausted just thinking about what it took to get it done.

  3. Oh my goodness - that triangle quilt! Gorgeousness! Happy WIP Wednesday!

  4. That quilt looks fantastic! Great work. I know how it is to make a quilt that almost defeats you, but it's sooo worth it in the end!!