Monday, June 11, 2012


I spent a lot of time this weekend pondering the quilting process. My process, I guess, and how I go about it. Do you ever stop and think about the way you quilt? Because I was working on my swoon blocks and I realized how inefficiently I was doing things. Do you ever sacrifice efficiency for enjoyment? I opted out of an assembly line, which would have been much quicker, so that I could see each block come together.

I tend to think of myself as very....finish-focused. It's not that I mean to be, it's just that I am so motivated by the finished product that I just can't wait to see it all done. And this weekend as I was finishing up my swoon blocks, I realized that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the process as well. For these blocks, I cut all the pieces and sorted them by block. I went block by block and marked the half square triangles/flying geese and sewed all those pieces, but then I laid out the block and sewed it as it was laid out. I did each middle section and each quadrant and then put it all together. And it took longer to keep it laid out as I went, especially with all those trips to the iron, but it was so much more enjoyable to see each block come together that way. And I really think that kept me motivated; I just can never wait to see what the next block will look like. I wonder if I rush through things too quickly sometimes, but I don't think so. I enjoy the therapy of sewing, the constant humming of the machine helping me think or not think depending on the day, but I also enjoy creating and having something useful to use or to give.

Also, my brain is just too full of ideas so there is always something to work on next. I am glad I don't just drop projects in the middle and move on to the next, I am definitely a finisher and I am thankful for that, otherwise I would be drowning in WIPs and UFOs and my apartment is way to small for that. And that a big part of what pushes me to finish quickly. I notice when I do more long-term hand work projects, they tend to sit around forever. My hexies for example, are still sitting on a shelf in the same state they have been in for months. I intend to pick that back up, but I guess we'll see. I think I lose interest if I don't work quickly.

So that's what I've been pondering lately. How about everyone else, how do you work? One block at a time? One project at a time? Am I the only one here?

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  1. I've thought of this as well. I'm definitely a finisher. I can't have too many things going on at once or I feel like I'm spread too thin. BUT- I love the process of designing and piecing a quilt front together. It's really enjoyable to me - after that I just want to push and get a finish.