Monday, June 18, 2012

slow motion

I'm in a weird place. One where time is just flying by but the days seems to pass so slowly. It's just strange. And boy has my sewing slowed down. I guess that's summer for you. I spent most of last week and this weekend working on my skill builder block. To be fair, I got sucked into a book and spent a few days reading instead :)

For this block, we had to pick either a mariners star or a new york beauty block. I had wanted to do another new york beauty block anyway so that is what I picked. Here's the thing though, I really only like them when there are 4 of them to complete the circle. So of course I decided to make all 4 quadrants, and that meant I had to scale down the pattern and print it at 75% and then fix seam allowances and all that which was a pain and I added some extra to the outer pieces so I could trim it down which I think worked out great. And while this block wasn't difficult really, there sure were a lot of pieces!

Luckily, especially since it was scaled down, the pieces were quite small and I used almost all scraps that I had saved from the other blocks. I knew I kept them around for a reason! It was pretty awesome to use so many tiny pieces. And I love the way the block turned out! It is not at all perfect, but I think it is quite good. I also think it gives me my paper piecing fix for a while.

So we have 2 more blocks to go. One is posted but since I am so low on fabric, I think I am going to wait and see what the last block is and then figure out how to use what I have left. So there you go, in case you were wondering what I spent the last handful of days working on. Now I really have to get down to business on a couple other things I need done asap. I will try not to get so distracted this week, but I make no promises.

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