Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday {6.13.12}

I feel like I blinked and it was Wednesday again! I'm totally loving the whole lazy days of summer thing we've got going on here. Bubbles and sidewalk chalk and playgrounds and BBQs with a touch of relaxing on the porch reading make for a wonderful time. Less sewing perhaps, but wonderful anyway :)


Toddler Swoon {top}

Not a complete finish, but the top is finished! And it's pretty awesome. I still need to find a back and then I'll get on the whole finishing process, but for now it is nice to just have the top done.


SBS block 34
I printed out the pattern I chose (a new york beauty block!), so now I need to get to work.

Still Going:

dresden toddler quilt

I finally started! I have three done and I'm not really sure how many I will end up with, I am just playing it by ear and seeing how it looks as I go. I like having a more organic process like this. I also like trying slightly different dresden plates.

Ipad case
I am going to try and get this one done this week I think. 


*circus baby quilt
*wedding quilt {just ideas circulating....}

Also, I need to make a birthday dress for the little one, but I haven 't gotten further then deciding I'd like to do it so it's not officially on the list yet. Most of this stuff needs to be finished by July so I really need to get on that I guess. Have a good week everyone!

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  1. I really like your quilt. The colors, the way you chose to photograph it. How appropriate to use the background that you did. It only serves to magnify the wonderful creation you have displayed.

    I agree about the whole where did the week go thing. I think since beginning to post on WIP Wednesday my weeks have gone by faster than normal.

    Great Job!

  2. That top is gorgeous! Not too girly, not too dark, very cheerful. I'm really tempted to Swoon myself now.

    Playing with Dresdens sure is fun. Despite not having finished my pillows yet, I'm actually already thinking of a project that could include different sizes such as yours and double plates to increase the flower effect...

  3. What fun projects!! I'm starting a swoon and think yours turned out so beautiful! The Dresdens will be such a gorgeous baby quilt, can't wait to see that come together.

  4. that is a really beautiful quilt!!

  5. The swoon top is so fun, the colors you chose really look great

  6. Love what you have going on. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The Swoon looks fabulous - love the colours you are using!

  8. What a gorgeous swoon quilt!