Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday {6.6.12}

I kinda can't believe it's June! It's blowing my mind a little. We are pretty run down around here, fighting illness and whatnot, so I am feeling less motivated to sew the past few days, but hopefully it will pass and I can get back to it. Mostly I've been working on swoon blocks, but I did manage to get a couple other things done.


Skill Builder - block 33

You can see the full post about it here, with my others for this round. I didn't love this one, but I am glad that I tried it. I still kind of want to do a big lone star quilt, but now at least I'd have a better idea what I would be getting myself into.

ipad case

Possibly the most boring thing I have ever made. He wanted super simple and neutral so that's what he got. I am waiting to hear how it worked out. I used this tutorial but used a special shock absorbing foam inside. It came out alright, but not great.

ipad case
I volunteered to make another for another friend. Who gave me free creative reign :) Can't wait to get to this one! It is not at the top of the list though, so we'll see.

Still Going:

toddler swoon quilt

This is what the bulk of my energy went into this week, and I am halfway done the blocks with another ready to sew.  I love it. A lot.

dresden toddler quilt
I am finalizing size details on this and then I will {hopefully} be off and running. I hope since I don't have all that much time....


*circus baby quilt
*wedding quilt {just ideas circulating....}

On top of all this sewing, there are some other things I need to work on, like my little one's first year scrapbook {why yes, she is going to be 2 in a few weeks}. So I need to do a bit of planning to fit it all in I think. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Love your swoon blocks, so pretty. It is amazing how those blocks are always striking no matter what fabric is used!

  2. Good luck getting the scrapbook done. That's hilarious that your husband wanted it completely neutral - my husband would probably ask for the same thing.

  3. Oh I love the blocks especially the swoon!

  4. Beautiful Swoon blocks. It's worth all the piecing, isn't it?!

  5. Love the colours of your Swoon - I have only done 3 of the 9 blocks so far !

  6. Gorgeous swoon blocks! Love the colours!

  7. LOVING the yellow on the swoon!!

  8. Oh, your Swoon makes me miss my Carpenter Wheels! Got to get to working on that again!
    Aren't men boring? Hubby looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned making him a quilt. And he loves to help me design stuff but he says men don't really care what's on it!

  9. Pretty colors on your skill builder block!