Friday, May 30, 2014

dress #1

So, dresses. I hear a lot of people love them, but I actually don't end up wearing them that often, especially since since my day often has me crawling on the floor after one child or another. It is a bit unfortunate that a disproportionate number of sewing patterns seem to be dresses, but anyway. I did end up making two dresses recently and this is the first.

It is simplicity 3503 and honestly I only chose that neckline since I could nurse in it, although I do like it. I used a comfy knit I got ages ago and have been saving to make myself something. It was pretty simple to make really and once again, it was nice to have the serger option to finish a lot of it. I also tried out some stretch thread instead of my stretch zig-zag to finish the hems and it worked alright, but I definitely had some bunching on the back. I think if I can perfect the use of it, I will love this stuff! I definitely prefer being able to use the straight stitch.

It is totally comfy and I love having pockets! All in all, a great make, even if it probably won't be the most worn thing in my wardrobe. Next week I will be sure to share my other {less practical} dress and some tops that I've made. There is also a possibility I will get a quilt basted and quilted sometime soon, which would be lovely. Happy Weekend!

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