Tuesday, May 27, 2014

jammie time!

Hey! Long time no chat! Remember when I was talking about all the clothes I had been making and still had to make, well most of them are done and, get this, I even have some pictures! I still have a couple that I am working on, but I would say most of my handmade summer wardrobe is complete. For now, anyway. I am still not sure how much I love making clothes, but I have to admit that there is something super satisfying about having nice clothes I made myself.

To start with, I made a pair of voile pj pants, and then a pair of shorts in a quilting cotton. I am ashamed to say, the voile pair is a pair I planned to make at sew south last year and didn't have time to do. Plus I was pregnant and fit was kind of an issue. I knew even then that I wanted a flat front waistband, a la noodlehead, but for some reason it wasn't until recently that I finally sat down and figured it out and did it. I started with the kwik sew pattern (K3602) we were given and after chopping 4.5 inches off the top and trimming the sides a bit, I was ready to go. It was actually my first time shirring and how fun! I used all french seams so it would be perfectly finished inside and added cuffs at the bottom. They are amazing and I want to live in them. Which is why I just have a few crappy pictures before I started wearing them haha.

The only thing I wanted to change was to shorten the back elastic a couple of inches, which I did, and it works wonderfully. I shortened these and sewed the tie right on the front instead of making button holes. I also narrowed the legs a lot (possibly a bit too much actually, but still comfy) and used binding to finish the bottom. I have been hording this fabric forever too because I just love it for some reason. I opted to serge all the inside seams for this which was definitely easier and still looks really nice and finished.

Hopefully it won't take me too long to be able to sit down and share the other clothes. I have quite a variety! And as soon as I am done the last couple things, I am going to get down to quilting business and turn my two tops into finishes, which will be really exciting. The baby sweater I have been working on is coming along nicely too. Busy busy busy! How is everyone else doing?

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