Thursday, May 15, 2014

when life starts to feel overwhelming....

Make a new quilt top, obviously! I know I can't be alone in this. I have been feeling a little bogged down lately, too many things to do and no idea where to start. And most of it happens to be clothes for myself, so I am not even sure what I am doing since I am still just learning at this point. I have at least 7 things on my list to make for myself but between fear of them not fitting/hating them/wasting fabric, and lack of experience, I am hesitant to start. I need to just pick a place and do it, but in the meantime I decided I was just going to do something that I wanted to do just because it made me happy.

Enter the cascade quilt. Designed by my sew south roomie from last year, susannah kate, this pattern is pretty great. I decided a while ago that I wanted to make a scrappy rainbow version, but it just kept getting put off. I woke up the other day and just had to do it though, so I pulled my fabric, 40 different prints in red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, pink, purple, gray, and black. I was a bit short on purple so purple and dark pink got put together, but I think it worked out fine. I had so much fun pulling fabric, it was hard to stop! I stuck with the layout in the pattern to distribute the colors and I really love it.

Anyway, after that things went really quickly and within a matter of a couple days, I had a quilt top. The background is kona snow, just because I had it. I am already plotting a back and figuring out how to quilt it, so I hope it won't be too long before it is a finished quilt. I also got my backing for the pony club so I need to find time and space to tackle that beast. And eventually, there will be a parade of clothes!


  1. So you have no problem pulling and correlating 40 + fabrics... but hesitate at sewing clothes for yourself.... Yah that sounds real... Been there done that. So what you need to do is pick one item. And set the other 6 aside. Now I item of clothes is no biggy... You put together quilts with hundreds of pieces.... Was every quilt a piece of perfection?
    So you don't have 7 pieces of clothing to screw up...get wrong....have to refit... You have one!
    Go for

  2. Of course making a quilt top is the answer! It's lovely! I really like the color distribution of all the crosses.

  3. Gorgeous quilt top, I love the colours you've chosen :) Getting started's the worst isn't it...just shows what you can do once you get going though. I have a staple dress on my list that I have been putting off for forever and I made an Everyday skirt which was a great pattern and fits (hurrah!) but still can't bring myself to make another one..... maybe reading this will get me started!!