Friday, March 23, 2012

big plans

For a while now, I have had a pile building of things that I want to do, but are not necessarily immediate concerns. And then yesterday (as I was adding something else) I realized how many things I actually have at this point! Ahh! I must be out of my mind! In addition to all my WIP stuff I posted Wednesday, I also am planning  a quilted vest for the wee one which will hopefully fit this spring, a carry-on bag for our upcoming vacation, and I may have decided to join in another quilt along.

The other day the Cosmic Burst quilt along was announced over at Distant Pickles. And I just love the big star. And I just started thinking about fabric I had on hand. And I couldn't get it out of my head. So that gives me 2 weeks to finish a bunch of other things before we start cutting fabric for that. I am going to use this selection of nicey jane with some solids and make the 50" quilt and I am super excited!

In other news, I got some happy mail the other day. Last week I may have gone a little crazy at Hawthorne Threads. It all started innocently enough because I wanted a couple Flea Market Fancy prints. It may have snowballed from there as I picked out a bundle to make a smaller version of a swoon quilt for my little love's toddler bed...which she will eventually transfer to. I haven't finalized it yet but I am thinking 16" blocks, probably 12 of them. So I picked out some raspberry, navy, mustard, and gray prints. I don't love them together in person as much as I did on the computer (the downfall of online fabric shopping!) so I may swap a few prints, but generally I like it a lot. I figure I better enjoy this quilt for her since by the next one she is bound to have tons of her own opinions that I must abide by haha. Of course I had to get some amazing AMH voile to make another tunic {assuming the first one goes well} and a pretty peacock lane print that really wanted to come live with me :)

I don't even know where I am going to start with all this stuff this weekend, but I guess I need to pick a place and start plugging away. Today, I get the 5 granny square blocks sewn that I have all laid out so that my table is clear for other things. After that, who knows! Happy Weekend!

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