Friday, May 3, 2013

coming soon

Alright, keeping it real here. I still have not slept...I guess this is pregnancy insomnia or something, where I have no problem falling asleep but if something wakes me up I just can't fall asleep again. I have only slept between 2 & 5 hours on any given night this week. On top of that (and not surprisingly considering the lack of sleep) my cold is getting worse so I can't breathe well either. In sort, I am a miserable pregnant woman. And not even to the third trimester yet. But, I am doing what I can and resting as much as possible....a difficult task with an almost 3 year old running around, but I am managing. That said, there is not a whole lot of sewing going on. Like pretty much none. However, in my rare moments of clarity I have been getting some fabric together for some quilt tops that I plan to start as soon as I can.

First up, I finally pulled fabric for the baby quilt I am going to make for my little one. Which then caused me to change the pattern I had decided on. I am so in love with the little stack I came up with though. I thought I was going to make a new wave quilt, but once I had these picked out, I really wanted something that would let the fabrics mingle a bit more so I am now planning a sparkle punch quilt. I am so stinking excited. I want to start it right now. And that nicey jane fabric on the bottom, I think that is going to be the background. A decision that is sure to be either stupid or brilliant and I won't know which until I start putting it together. Only I don't think I have quite enough to make the size I want....I think I am like 6" short. So now I have to figure out whether I can enlarge the blocks or how much smaller I would need to make it. So we'll see where that ends up. Hopefully my sleep deprived math is okay.

I started with the les amis fabric and rounded out from there. I am so in love with the result, and I just hope that can work as the background without drowning any of the other prints.

The other quilt, which I really should be working on already, is for my neighbor. She asked me a while ago about making her a bed quilt and we have collected this nice stack of fabrics.

Not what I usually work with, but it will look super lovely in her room. We are going kind of random inmprov-y I think. I still need to map it out and then get to work. I will probably be distracted by a baby quilt first though and thankfully she is okay with that. She is also okay with the fact that by the time the top is done I will need help bending down and basting it haha.

So there are my two upcoming quilts. I still need to work on quilting my marcelle medallion, but hand quilting is a separate category I think. And I need the energy to mark circles before I can quilt them, which is my big roadblock right now. Thankfully, exhaustion doesn't stop me from dreaming up plans and ideas :) So, sorry if this seemed a little whiny....I will hopefully be back next week well rested and functional again. So happy weekend!

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  1. Ugh. Sorry you're not sleeping well and you're sick, too - that's the worst. It's so true though that exhaustion doesn't keep us from coming up with more projects :) Hope you get some sleep, feel better and have plenty o' energy to sew.