Friday, May 17, 2013

I made what??

A bathing suit, that's right. I feel like I have been going a little nuts around here making and modifying maternity things and trying to feel like I have something to wear as it gets hotter. So far I have cut two pairs of pants into shorts and have plans for a tank top or two. But that is not what this is about. This is about the fact that I made myself a freaking bathing suit! Just a top, but still!

I saw this tutorial at diy maternity and filed it away in case I needed it. Now that I live near the beach (!!!) I figured I was going to need it but I kept putting it off. Next thing I knew it was thursday and my friends were on their way down for some beach time and I had no bathing suit to wear. I am not quite feeling the bikini thing right now. I mean, no one needs to see that much pale skin blinding them on the beach and while I embrace my stretch marks, I don't exactly love them or feel that other people need to see them. So, with my dear friends help, I set about making this sweet tankini that, with any luck, should fit me until this kid is out.

I didn't buy anything new for this project. I had bought this swim fabric to make a bathing suit for the little at some point in the future, but decided I should just use it now and have something to wear. It was a little tricky cutting since I didn't have any bathing suit lining so I just doubled the swim fabric where I needed it. I didn't really have much leftover and I was so beat by the time I was done that I skipped making bottoms....I may make them eventually, but for now I will make it work with what I have.

The instructions were pretty vague and I had a hard time especially figuring out what measurements I needed and how much to subtract. I would say the top part was waaaay to big initially and I ended up taking out an additional 4-5" after it was all sewn together, just so it would stay up. Which then meant there was too much gaping in the back, so I had to add some elastic there. The mid section was actually a little tight but hopefully will have enough stretch to grow. There was also no instruction as to how long to make the tankini piece or how much to really gather it so I fudged that and I guess it came out alright. I used elastic to do my gathering which made things a bit easier I think. In the back I decided to make it more of a bow on top and just wrap that section with an extra piece of fabric because there was no cute gap like in the picture and I actually love the way that turned out.I wish I had a picture of the back with me in it, but I didn't think of that at the time.

In conclusion, I would just say not to look too closely and it is fine. I still haven't gotten it wet so I am not entirely convinced it will stay up in the water, but I am hoping and I guess if it comes down to it I can figure out a strap. Considering I threw it together in a couple of hours with little direction, I am pretty proud of it. Now I need to go bind my medallion quilt and will hopefully be back to show that off on Monday. I can hardly wait!!!! Happy Weekend!

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