Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wedenesday {5.29.13}

Well that week flew by! How was everyone's week? Mine was pretty lovely; I had a wonderful time with my sister and I even got some sewing done. I would call that a win :) My sister even brought me a beautiful pile of towels and washcloths from ikea to play with! But anyway....

twinkle - I got this all quilted up and now I just need to settle on a binding color. I keep changing my mind, but I think I am between pink and a dark teal....we'll see where I land on that.

lazy day skirts - I got both of these done last week and they have already each been worn multiple times so I guess they are a hit. I am slowly whittling down the list of kids clothes to make.

beach robe - cut and ready to go. It took me a while to make the binding, otherwise it would probably be done already, but I'll hopefully finish it up today.

bed quilt for neighbor - still sitting and waiting for love
summer wardrobe for the little - I am not even sure what I am still going to make, but I know there are a couple more things.
birthday dress for the little - I need to settle on a pattern and then pick fabric.
baby stuff - I have big plans, my friends, big plans.
pony club quilt - no new blocks this week.
hexies - someday.....
wedding quilt - I am still stalling on fabric ordering.

I am still slowly plugging away at everything. I am starting to get myself organized for the ridiculous amount of baby stuff I want to make, so that will be coming soon. Hopefully before I get too huge and uncomfortable to do anything. Have a lovely week everyone!

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  1. Glad to hear the skirts are getting use. The twinkle quilt looks great.

  2. Love the stars on your quilt!

  3. I love the twinkle quilt and skirts. Can't wait to see the robe. The binding looks great!

  4. That twinkle is just gorgeous.....absolutely love the fabrics!

  5. I love that twinkle quilt more and more every time i see it! Can't wait to see it with the binding!