Monday, June 3, 2013

ready for the beach

Well here we are, the beginning of another week. After a nice relaxing weekend, I feel ready to tackle it, and I am pretty excited because I am going to start pulling out old baby stuff and figure out what I actually need for this one. It has come to my attention that in one month my little love bug will have a birthday and a month after that, a new baby will be here. It's mind blowing really.  I seriously can not believe it is June!

Anyway, I finished up the beach robe the other day so naturally we had to take a little trip to the beach to test it out :) I do wish I had better pictures, but I can try again another day. I love the way this robe came out! It is the pattern by Dana of MADE again. I went up to the largest size (3T-4T) and it is definitely a little big on my skinny mini, but it works and she'll grow. The length is pretty good but the ties need to be wrapped around the back and tied or else they just drag through the sand and it does fall off the shoulders a bit. She really likes it though and it helps dry her off and block some sun, so I call it a win.

I admit that white may not have been the wisest choice, but it is so stinking cute and with the awesome green polka dot that she picked out it is just perfect. Thankfully it is quite washable and seems to come out a little softer each time. The white towel is from ikea and the green polka dot is something that was in my huge pile of old lady fabric someone was getting rid of, so I was really happy to find a use for it. I am not even convinced it is all cotton, but it worked perfectly for this and I had just enough for both the binding and the hood lining. Here she is all cozied up on the beach

I do still have a ton of clothes I made for her to post more about, but I was trying to wait until I was finished everything. At this rate she'll need the next size by the time I am done. I am hoping to finish up a dress today and I need to hand sew down my twinkle binding. So much to do, so little time! Everyone else have a good weekend?


  1. I love it! My daughter doesn't have a cover up yet for this summer so maybe I need to make one. Did it take a long time to make?

  2. How cute! What a fun accessory for the beach.