Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday {6.26.13}

I knew it was too good to last. At some point I lost my sewing mojo....which I think is directly related to the amount of sleep I get. So it's been a tired week, but not an incredibly crafty one. Still, I am slowly trying to make my way through everything. I did end up adjusting the birthday dress but she hasn't gotten to wear it yet since pictures were postponed due to rain. But she'll be wearing it to celebrate her birthday for sure and hopefully for family pictures not long after.

burp cloths
      v1- these are finished. thin but {hopefully} absorbent. We'll see how they work in another month or so.

      v2- these are just one layer of cloth diaper with thin binding and I only finished 1 of the 4 I am making. I am trying to decide whether they need another layer of something or not.

baby tees - the pattern is traced and the fabrics selected. I am pretty excited about these.

baby stuff - hooded towels, washcloths, wipes, security blankets, burp cloths, voile/flannel blanket, t-shirts, decorated onesies, bibs, booties
bed quilt for neighbor - I finally decided on measurements so when I don't feel like doing anything else I can sketch it out
pony club quilt - I would love to make some blocks at some point...
hexies - maybe these will get done when I get too big/uncomfortable to sit at my machine
wedding quilt - good thing the wedding isn't until october!

So yeah, nothing actually all the way off the list. I am close on those burp cloths though and the tees shouldn't take long. I need to order some fabric for security blankets...probably double gauze like I used for the first set which are still being used, both for sleeping with and for playing. After that I think I'll just see what I am in the mood to make I think. Low pressure sewing, that is what I am going for over the next month, low pressure sewing :)

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  1. When short on sleep my sewing mojo goes away along with my housecleaning cooking mojo and now it looks llike mmy typing mojo.