Monday, May 6, 2013


Alright, a new week. Hopefully this one goes better than the last. I will say that I did get more sleep, but unfortunately, I also got pretty sick. I think I am getting better now, so hopefully the mending will continue and I will be good to go very soon. If I was smart, I would have spent the weekend curled up on the couch hand quilting, but I got a little obsessed with the baby quilt once it was all planned out in my head, and then I needed to see what it would look like. So now I have a new quilt top. (the picture doesn't really do it justice, but I tried)

It was fun to do some assembly line piecing for a change. Between my pony club quilt and the medallion, I haven't done much of that recently and it was nice and mindless. And while I may have pushed myself a bit more than I should have to get it done, I really do love it. I used 11 different fabrics for the stars, starting with some les amis prints I had, and then used some nicey jane for the background. It was definitely a different choice, but I think it worked out really well. I used charm squares so it finished at about 40.5" x 45", entirely determined by the amount of background fabric I had, but a good baby size.

Now I just need to figure out how to quilt it. I am thinking some sort of all over design, maybe loops or something. I don't know. But that's okay because I am determined to have the medallion quilt hand quilted first. That is my goal for this week. And then maybe I'll feel motivated to get back to toddler clothes. And my goodness do I have a long list of baby things I want to make! I'll worry about that next week. This week I am going to relax and enjoy my hand quilting and then have some friends come visit for a couple of days and hopefully have a simply marvelous week :) Hope you do too!


  1. Cassie, I love this! I think my friends have at least 5 babies coming this year! Thanks for sharing it! I always need inspiration?

  2. Cassie- it's seriously adorable!