Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday {5.15.13}

I thought for sure I would have something to post in the past week, but it turns out I did not have much time for sewing and was just relaxing and enjoying time with friends. Can't beat good food, good company, beach trips, and pedicures :) I did have one big accomplishment though:

bathing suit top - that's right, I made a maternity bathing suit top! It was a pain, but it seems functional (it hasn't gotten wet yet, the water was too cold) and looks cute. I am planning a post about it.

marcelle medallion - I am done all the full circles and am now working on the corners. I have one done and they seem to go pretty quick, so hopefully soon this will be done. I guess I should pick out a binding....

twinkle - after the medallion is done I plan to quilt this one.
bed quilt for neighbor - still sitting and waiting for love
summer wardrobe for the little - I still have a tunic, some shorts and some skirts to do at some point.
baby stuff - I have big plans, my friends, big plans.
pony club quilt - no new blocks this week.
hexies - someday.....
wedding quilt - I am still stalling on fabric ordering.

I have no idea what I will get done this week. I am hoping to finish up my medallion so I can enter it in the bloggers quilt festival which starts friday, but other than that, I have no specific plan. I am trying to set expectations low at this point since things keep happening and I keep getting much less done then planned. I better get a move on though, this kid is not going to bake in there forever!

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  1. WOW you dared to make a bathing suit - cool. Your quilt looks so gorgeous. How are you going to quilt this?

  2. Love your marcelle...each one I see is just beautiful!

  3. I love your medallion quilt. I agree that each one I see is different and beautiful.

  4. Your medallion looks great! I am going to be starting one of these soon and it is always fun to see everyone's version.

  5. That's indeed terribly cute. How exciting that the quilt is nearing its finish! Can't wait. x

  6. Cute swimming suit top! I only went swimming ONCE through two pregnancies, being in a land lock state, 30 minutes from a pool is no fun! Your medallion quilt is beautiful!

  7. Cute suit! I don't know that I'd be brave enough to post a picture of myself in it but you look fabulous! The medallion top is so fun! I've never tried one of those before.

  8. Really love your medallion. I would love to make one, but I think it's a bit too tricky for me at the moment.