Tuesday, April 8, 2014

back at the {pony} club

Guess what I've been doing! I am sure you've already guessed that I have been making pony club blocks again. Lots of them actually. Another 19 are done and I have passed the halfway point, which is super exciting! I am up to 49 blocks finished. I skipped one (indian on horseback was simply not working for me) so I will need to find something cool to replace that with so I still end up with 90.

I was sitting around this past weekend trying to figure out what I wanted to work on. And the truth is, I have both my pony club quilt and my DWR quilt taking up quite a bit of space. I debated working on the DWR and did do a bit of cutting, but I have decided that it will be better for me to just pick one to finish and get out of the way and then focus my attention on the other. The pony club quilt won the toss and I am now on a mission to get it done. I have 10 more all cut out and will start piecing them today hopefully; picking fabric has been fun and I love having a little {3.5 year old} helper to bring new ideas and combinations to my attention. I even picked out sashing, so I'll need to order that soonish so that I will be ready to go. So this is the quilt that I will be focusing on for the time being. And maybe after that I will let myself pick out one of the baby quilts on my list to make and get back to that DWR.  And now, since I have neglected to post these as I go, I will bombard you with 19 new little 8.5" blocks :)

eastertide quilt

ella's star

everybody's favorite

fishing boats

flying clouds

friendship star

good cheer

girl's favorite

girl's joy

grandmother's favorite

gold nuggets


handy andy

hen and her chicks

home treasure

ice cream bowl


july fourth

john's favorite

And all 49 of them together

I am so in love! It's funny how I each block is so totally different and somehow they just go together to create a beautiful mess. I am hoping that these go fairly quickly so I can get a quilt top together and see how it turns out. I also kind of want to back it in voile and hand quilt it, but I haven't decided if I am that crazy yet. In any case, that's where you'll find me for the time being :) Hope everyone is having a good week!

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