Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a home for my interchangeable needles

Guys, I am totally obsessed with knitting right now. Really, I can't stop. And I have a gazillion things I want to make! Gazillion! Really, I have enough to keep me busy for years all planned out I think, and ever since my parents brought me some very belated birthday yarn last week, I have been going to town. I can't wait to show you what I am making, and I think I will be done by the end of this week! That combined with my avoidance of my pony club quilt (yep, still avoiding, but much closer to actually doing it) got me rethinking my knitting needle storage. Ultimately I need 2 cases, this one which is for my knitpicks interchangeable needle set that I am slowly collecting, and another for the rest, which I have thought out and designed, I just need to buy a few things and get to work.

Anyway, this needle case, I love. It is kind of from a tutorial I found in French, which I got the gist from and then got to work. It actually works out super well, with a place for the needle points, a snap pouch for the cables and a zip pouch for the little extras. I opted to change the closure to a tab with a magnetic snap. This color scheme, it just makes me happy. It was fun to make and while it is a bit wonky (like most things I make....we'll call it character....) it holds things just perfectly and will have space for any new needles I may acquire.

At least my avoidance is getting other things crossed off my list. Except for the totally not on the list pencil case I obviously *need* to make. But seriously, I really do plan to have a finished pony club quilt top by next week. If I can make myself stop knitting that is......

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