Friday, April 4, 2014

lovely little hexies

Happy Friday! As I mentioned Monday, I am totally cleaning it out and getting it done over here so I have another finish to show today! I know, it's pretty shocking, but it's true! Today, my hexie pillow is all finished and has joined the pile on the couch.

I am a little ashamed of how long ago I started these hexies. Make that very ashamed. I had them all basted over a year ago....last February instagram tells me....and I have a picture of basting them from November before um wow. As it turns out, I hate epp. I mean, I love it in theory and the results are amazing, but I personally hate all that hand stitching. It makes my hands sore and I just... don't like it. So lesson learned. Not so much hand sewing in my future.

Back to this pillow case. I went in to high gear and got the entire thing sewn together in less than a week. Which seems incredible after how long I avoided it. They are 1" hexies and I used a charm pack of lucy's crab shack (love that fabric!) that I cut into 2.5" squares. I ended up using mostly low volume on the front because that's what I basted first and realized I had enough. I used the remaining pieces on the back to do some simple patchwork with a bit of gray mixed in so that I would have enough. It is between 15-16" when all is said and done.

I may or may not have quilted this thing to within an inch of its life. I did an x and then echoed it on the front and I love it. I am never patient enough to do this on a big quilt so a nice little pillow is perfect. The back pieces just have some straight lines. For the binding, I was working with what I had and used some gray I had leftover. I am always worried about it not being strong enough for my *ahem* firmly stuffed pillows, so I used a decorative stitch to put the binding on and it looks pretty sweet. I opted for binding mostly so it will be totally washable without having to worry about seams inside. I admit it is a bit thick with the entire thing being so heavily quilted, but it does look pretty nice.

It feels so good to have that one off the list and out of the cabinet. Which means I get to spend some time just working on pony club blocks and my DWR quilt :) Soon, I'll have a new knitting project to start and I can't wait. I also have some pretty ambitious plans to make myself some new clothes, in addition to the dress I need some pictures of. In fact, I think I even have a pair of pj pants that I was planning to make at sew south last, I should dig those out and see what I can figure out. Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. It looks great! Better late than never - I always say. :)