Friday, April 25, 2014

sleepy sack

I kind of wish I was here to show you a finished pony club top. Instead, I got stuck on cornerstones and am doing various other smaller things in avoidance. So there's that. I still can't decide between the safe choice (crosshatch) and the more bold choice (dots). I tend toward bold but instagram seems to be trending toward safe. So I continue to debate and ponder and work on other things. I am about halfway done knitting my next project so I'll share my progress on that soon, and I am hard at work designing myself some new knitting needle cases, but for now, a near win.

As the weather warms and the nights aren't so cold, we were in need of some cooler sleep sacks for the little. The long sleeved fleece was a bit much and since it is just about outgrown, we needed something else. We had one aden and anias muslin sleep sack and while I loved it, it was ripping all over.

Since we had a couple muslin swaddling blankets, I decided to have a go at making a new one. I opted for a double layer so it's a bit warmer but still pretty cool, and I kept the construction pretty much the same. I put in the zipper (reused from the original) and then treated the double layers as single layers to put the rest together. It was pretty simple and came together nicely. I made it a bit too big though when I traced it since it really didn't need seam allowances with the bound edges, and somehow my pieces ended up a little wide. Maybe I stretched it too much while I was tracing?? I ended up going back and putting a huge pleat in the back so she doesn't wiggle out of it at night. The neckline is just huge, as you can plainly see haha.

My other problem is the thinness of the muslin. Now if I had been thinking, I would have serged the entire main edge with all the layers together and then bound that, but I wasn't so instead I just bound it and have already had to go zigzag the entire thing to keep it together. The neck and arm holes were just fine, I guess the extra layers were a bit much. It does make a nice sleep sack that I kind of wish I could wear, but we'll see how it holds up over washing and all that. If it holds up it should fit through the summer I think, so that's good. Can't win them all I suppose, but it was a nice attempt at at least it only took a couple hours.  And maybe at some point I'll try again knowing what I know now.

So, that's what I've got today. And one of these days I will really get the chance to go have someone take pictures of me in the clothes I've been making recently. At least I plan to. I hope. Maybe this weekend?? If I keep it up, my knitting will be finished before you see it. So far it is shaping up to be an awesome finish! Have a good weekend everyone!

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