Friday, April 11, 2014

yep, still at the pony club

No kidding, I really did mean to not dump another 20 blocks at once, but here we are and I have actually been doing 10 blocks every other day. I spend one day printing/cutting the templates and choosing/cutting fabric and the next day I sew them all. It is a bit insane but so much fun! Now I am up to 69 blocks and only have another 20 to go plus a replacement that I have yet to choose. The sashing is ordered and will hopefully be here soon. I can.not.wait! I'll be honest, these blocks are getting pretty insane. I have been tending to defer to the 3.5-year-old pretty often for fabric choices so some of the combinations got a little...crazy, especially the second half. I just tell myself it is going to make my finished quilt that much more interesting and since this will likely live in the living room, it will make a little girl very happy. So here they are!



lucky star

mother's delight

miller's daughter

mountain maze


maud's album quilt

morning star


north carolina beauty

next door neighbor

new jersey

norway pine

north star

new york

old indian trail


patience corners

pleasant paths

I assume I will be back early next week with another 10....or maybe the rest of them, I guess we'll see how the weekend goes. I wish I could do another group shot, but to be honest, I don't know where I have space for so many blocks. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to lay them out when they are finished. I will figure something out though. Happy Weekend!

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