Monday, March 31, 2014

crochet in rainbow

Is anybody else in 'clean it out' mode? Maybe it's spring cleaning, I don't know, what I do know is that I just want to clear everything out and feel like I have space to breathe. That includes my old projects that I have been avoiding/ignoring for varying amounts of time. This finish is one from that list. I got the yarn and started strong back in September, making a 'yarn blanket' for the big girl bed at the request of said big girl. I was doing well in the beginning, but it kind of fell by the wayside with moving and holidays and everything. It has been in a box under my sewing table taunting me for months. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and got down to business.

I used a tutorial from the pearl bee, but I used larger yarn and hook to make larger blocks. I made 42 9.5" blocks in 9 colors to do a 6x7 layout. The yarn is brava from and it is a nice soft acrylic. Once I got going it went pretty quickly. The key for me was to do all the center parts of a color and then do those borders and somehow that motivated me to get it done. I even stitched it together in record time and weaved those nasty ends in and now it happily resides on her bed. I am pretty much in love with it and owe tons to my sweet husband for helping me land on the perfect layout. More details on my ravelry page.

Basically it looks awesome and I am so happy to have it done and have that box out of my way. Now I am on a mission to get my hexie pillow done asap which is the other big longstanding project that I have been ignoring. Then I have a handwork break until my parents get me my birthday yarn so I can knit up a special something for me. Oh, and I may have ordered some awesome yarn to make myself a sweater at some point. I have big goals people, big goals! Also, I have been back at the pony club so I'll have some more blocks for that soon.

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