Monday, March 3, 2014


Happy Monday everyone! Minus the happy....which just leaves Monday....which didn't sound nearly as nice haha. We are having a rough time around here, so, instead of dwelling on that, we are going to look at pictures of my pretty new shawl!

I decided this year that I wanted to knit a shawl. I have been thinking about it for a while and looking at different patterns, but finally I found Zilver and decided to give it a try. It is not too difficult, but I had to learn how to do the increases. I figured that made it a good stepping stone for the sweaters I want to try at some point. I got the yarn for my birthday and it is really nice wool/cotton blend from Italy and was lovely to knit up. It went pretty quickly too, up until it got to be so many stitches that I had trouble finding the time to sit down and do a pattern so it took me a while at the end. I washed it in some Soak and blocked it when I was finished and that made it much nicer. It still has a slight bump at the top which I don't love, but it's not too noticeable if I'm wearing it. More info on my Ravelry page in case you are interested.

I have a lot of other yarn things I want to make too. I am working away at the crochet blanket, I have a sweater to knit for the littlest that I am hoping she can wear for Thanksgiving, and my dad is supposed to get me some yarn for a cowl as a belated birthday gift. After I do all that I am going to pick one of the sweaters I am dreaming of and I am just going to do it. I imagine it will be a while before that happens though and even longer before I have a finished sweater though. Does anyone else find themselves slipping into like 10 year goals? Like if I get things done in the next decade I'll be happy. Because I feel like things are taking me so long these days....


  1. Lovely shawl - it looks very soft and touch-able. I haven't knitted a jersey for myself for years and I have that as a goal this year too! I make goals and they often end up taking ten years - does that count? :-)

  2. Well done! It's looking wonderful. Really like the texture and the yarn is such a pretty colour, too. How awesome that it was a birthday gift!