Monday, March 10, 2014

well it's something....

Alright, I know blogs are all buttercups and rainbows and all that, but guys, things are sucking right now. In the grand scheme of things, it really is a small suckage, but still. At the moment, we are all a little sick, the babe has stopped sleeping in a big way, and our beloved cat is probably not going to make it to his 6th birthday later this month. The little guy has been a part of our family for 5.5 years and a couple weeks ago he just stopped eating. There is nothing obvious wrong and without doing expensive testing there is nothing we can do.  So it sucks. He was our first baby!

As a result of the babe deciding that sleep is for...everyone but her, we are tired and I no longer have any sort of naptime to craft in. It's not helping my sanity. So mostly what I have been doing is crocheting since I can sneak it in and also snuggle with the cat while I do it.

I had this grand plan back in the late summer/early fall (you know, after I had a baby and we were moving across town a few weeks later) to make a "yarn blanket" for the big girl bed. It was requested and I'm a sucker for a little girl who appreciates handmade. Side note: my 3-year-old thought that everyone made all their gifts for her and kept asking if people made things she got...she didn't really understand when I told her that no, in fact most people buy their gifts haha! Anyway, after going through my options, I decided to crochet one since it's quite a bit faster then knitting one. I am using a tutorial from the purl bee but instead of making a gazillion small squares, I picked some worsted weight yarn and a size K hook which ended up making blocks roughly 9.5". I am making 42 of them and let me tell you, they are fun and pretty quick, but I would never manage to make 108 of them for the original blanket. Just wow.

I am using 9 different colors of knit picks brava yarn that the little one helped pick out. When it comes to a small child, I admit that cheap and washable are big deciding factors and I must say this yarn is both of those things, plus super soft. I am done 6 of the colors and have just started on the next one, and I am hoping to finish these squares up in the next couple of weeks. I am mostly motiviated by the idea of getting the big box of yarn out from under my sewing table, so hopefully that will help me finish up quickly. I have ended up doing all the center squares of one color and then putting the borders on and it makes it feel pretty quick. I finished 8 squares in the past week that way, and I think I have 15 to go. Of course then I have to put them together and I'm not quite sure yet how I am going to do that, but one thing at a time. So there you go, public declaration, it will be done!

Hopefully I will be back with some sewing things soon. I have been planning out a little girls summer wardrobe which I will hopefully start soon and I am still working occasionally on my DWR arcs. Once we get this sleep thing under control, I hope to be back to business. Man I hope we get this sleep thing under control....

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  1. These are cute blocks! I totally feel you on life sucking right now. I have been more.or less constantly sick.for three months, strep twice and a surgery in there. Ruby used to sleep through the night most nights then decided at six months that sleeping was for the birds and hasn't slept all night once. Her napping is spotty too. To add to that my hubby works nights so he isn't there to help at night and sleeps most of the day. We totally need to get this under control!