Thursday, March 27, 2014

a small {person} summer wardrobe: part II

Back with the rest of the clothes for the little! These are all the bottoms and pjs I have made. I might need to make a little more in this category, but this, combined with what she already has, should get her started.

Bubble shorts from the peek-a-boo pattern shop were first up. They are super cute and look pretty darn professional. The only thing I did differently are the pockets, which are now lined and don't have elastic.

A gypsy skirt, another from Making Children's Clothes, came out great as well, and I am sure she will wear it a lot. Girl loves her skirts. And please note, I don't know if you saw it in any of the other pictures, but the little tags I made; they make my heart sing.

Night dress is a nightgown from Making Children's Clothes again. I love it but I'm not convinced she'll wear it. In which case maybe I'll cut that cute fabric up and use it for something else :)

These pj pants are a free pattern from Sew Jereli and they came out nice too. I thought about drafting my own pattern, but it just seemed so much easier to use one that was already done for me. I made the 4T and she definitely has room to grow. The fabric is actually a pair of my old pj pants that had seen better days. 

crossover tee and sleeping johns are from Growing Up Sew Liberated, a book that I just love. I've made them before, and used the same 3t pattern for the shirt in short sleeve and went up to a 4t in the pants. They are pretty big but I am loving this polka dot fabric I found on clearance at Joanns.

And I must say that all of these projects were so much easier thanks to my serger. It is definitely a fun little tool and makes life just a little bit easier. I already used it to make myself a dress too that I just need to get some pictures of. Currently I am debating layout for the crochet squares and jumping back into the pony club. Almost halfway done the blocks!!  What has everyone else been up to?

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