Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Skill Builder Sampler: the top

After over a year of work, my skill builder sampler top is complete! Admittedly it is just the top, but I am going to celebrate it anyway :) It took me a bit longer then I had wanted it to, but yesterday I managed to finish up the borders on this bad boy. I really really didn't want to do cornerstones, but in the end I couldn't see a way around it if I wanted the blocks to line up. I know that they are not all exactly 12.5" and this was the only way I could think of to keep it stright. Luckily, I really like it. I used 2" sashing and a 4.5" border I think, so it ended up about 91" square.  I really enjoy the more muted colors which are not something I work with all that often.

Unfortunately, this is the only decent picture I could get and it was from my phone, and you can't even really see the polka dots in the sashing. First the camera battery died and then when I went back later to try again, the lighting was just terrible and the shadows are so bad you can't see the block designs. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get the quilt finished though since I have the fabric for the back and I even think I know how I am going to quilt it (spoiler: it is not very exciting haha).  So if I can get the time to clear out the living room to lay out and baste this beast, I should be on my way quite quickly. I am hoping to have it quilted by next week, but I don't know yet. Of course I haven't picked out binding yet so that could potentially slow things down.....I can't believe this quilt is almost finished! I might even have it on my bed by the end of summer!

In other news, I totally made the mistake of trying to clean out my fabric cabinet the other day. Notice I said trying ha. So now I am a bit overwhelmed as it reminded me how many things I have to do that I have had fabric for forever. *sigh* More on that later. Once I wrap my head around the fact that my to-do list just quadrupled. I am going to try to get it together for tomorrows wip post so I have some idea what I am doing once this skill builder thing is taken care of :) For now, I believe I hear a certain 2-year-old calling me to come play!

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  1. It looks incredible!!! I love it. When you blow it up you can see the dots in the sashing and it looks great!!