Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday {8.22.12}

Happy Wednesday! How is everyone's week going? We are just trying to soak up a bit more summer around here before the husband starts school next week. The weather has been just lovely and we are sure enjoying it. There has also been quite a bit of sewing which feels pretty good. I love weeks were I get to just knock out a bunch of smaller projects! And I am now almost done everything I need to make before labor day weekend when we see the families. Of course I also have my big finish....


skill builder sampler

I can't believe this is finally finished! Such a long time went into this quilt and I really love it. It is hanging out on my bed already and I love snuggling under it :)

zip clutch

This was pretty quick and easy. I love the blue/green thing going on, which is good since those are the requested colors.

duffle bag

This one's for me and I can't wait to use it. I used simplicity 2274 for the second time and I just love the way it comes out.

nikki tote

This is for my mom's birthday so only a little sneak peek allowed. I kind of want to keep it.


pillow covers
I decided I need new pillow covers for the couch. I just decided that like two days ago and haven't even gotten very far into a plan, but I think that is next. Just because. 

Still Going:

phone case
Well I made one and it didn't work out. That's what happens when I kind of make things up as I go. So today I am going to try again and hopefully get one that fits the phone and protects it. We'll see. I was close last time so hopefully a few small adjustments and we'll be in business.

*wedding quilt - this is not at all a priority right now, but I don't want to forget it
*baby quilt -inspiration has struck...once I have time to put it together

Not too bad. I am still undecided as to what to tackle next. I really need to make some fall clothes for my wee one but I'm avoiding....I just need to make myself do it. *sigh* I guess I just need to get myself into clothing mode, and while I am there maybe I'll finally make my other tova tops!  I guess we'll see. For now, the mission is to enjoy the end of summer and finish up these things.

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  1. Great projects! I have made a couple Nikki totes, and they are my favourites. Your Mom will be so pleased.

  2. Wow! Your projects look amazing. I am in love with that quilt. It looks like so much work! Great job!

  3. Your sampler is amazing! Love your color choices. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  4. That sampler is beautiful! I hopped over from freshly pieced.