Monday, August 20, 2012

bag binge

Guys, I've been on a bag sewing binge. I can't even help myself, I just keep sewing more. So far I have two finished and one that just needs the straps. So I thought I would go ahead and share the two that are finished. Ya know, cause they are super awesome. I must say they are both patterns I have used before so that is less exciting. But I also have my ipad case to share more about. So here we go!

item 1: ipad case

As you may well know, I avoided this project for the, really long time. Partly because I don't know when I am actually going to see the recipient next, but that is neither here nor there. Finally inspiration hit and I got it done. It was really quite quick once I got going. I was originally going to do a simple zip pouch, but after much debate, I decided I didn't like the possibility of the zipper scratching it up so I nixed that and opted for the same tutorial I have used for our e-readers from fresh lemons quilts. I also used a mini dresden pattern I got from craftsy and put that on the front. I had a great time raiding the scrap bin for this. I kinda wish it had been bigger so I could have used more :) Inside is a pretty and super soft flannel. The only hitch was that I used a special foam inside. It is an industrial shock proof foam and while it is really cool, it is a beast to work with. In the end it worked out though, it is just a little wonky, but I think it will be fine once the ipad is in it.

item 2: yet another zip clutch

Recently my sister asked me if I would be willing to make a zip bag for her friend. Being the obliging person that I am, I couldn't refuse...I never turn down an excuse to make something pretty :) Once again I used the zip clutch pattern by keykalou (now Michelle patterns), which I love. I did try something different and fuse fusible fleece to the lining for stability and it worked pretty well. I think I like a layer of batting more though. 

item 3: duffle bag

I made one of these last year for my sister and finally got around to making one for me. Both the outer and the lining are home decor fabrics and I used a pretty dense batting inside (I don't even know what it was actually) so it has pretty good stiffness on its own. These pictures are without anything inside filling it out. I got lazy with the final zig zagging of the seams inside, but I can always go back and do it later if it bothers me. I will hopefully get to try it out soon. I have had this fabric sitting around intended for this for ages....I used the sling I made for my little one when she was, well, little, and it was just the right amount of fabric. I love it, and I'm pretty excited about how well it came out.

So that's what I've finished. And like I said, I got another bag almost done, I am going to put the straps on today I hope. I only have a couple of things left before I need to figure out my next round of projects, and I haven't decided yet what I will do next. I have been avoiding a lot of knit things recently so eventually I will have to suck it up and make those things, but probably not quite yet...anyway, hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)

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  1. They're all beautiful! You use such fun, vibrant colors!