Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday {8.8.12]

Would you believe that even with posting yesterday and mentioning it, I almost forgot today was Wednesday! Ridiculous! I am clearly in my own world over here. But here it is and things have been done! And many more have been added to the list even though I haven't started them yet.


vintage circus

For sure, one of my favorite quilts :)

skill builder sampler top

A finished top is a beautiful thing! It is hard to see the polka dot sashing, but it is wonderful.  And actually the back is pieced and I am ready to soon as I have enough time and a big enough space for this beast. I love it though and I can't wait!

Still Going:

ipad case
I may not have started it yet, but I did pull out a lining fabric and the foam for the center, that's something!

Waiting: this is my list of things I need to do but haven't started yet
*phone case - for my sisters birthday
*clutch - for a friend
*duffle bag -I have had the fabric for ages...
*wedding quilt - this is not at all a priority right now, but I don't want to forget it
*baby quilt -inspiration has struck...once I have time to put it together

There are a bunch of other things that haven't made the list yet, largely clothes and such for the little one, but I need to knock out some of these things first. I am really hoping to baste and quilt the skill builder by the end of the weekend though, and then I will start moving down the list. Anyway, today and tomorrow will hold little sewing and hopefully some relaxing times, so I am looking forward to that :) Also, I totally started knitting socks, and one row in, so far so good! I hope it keeps going so well haha. So that's the wrap up for the week! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I can see why it'd be one of your faves. It's so cheery and cutesy. Then again, you have made plenty of gorgeous quilts in the couple of months that I've been following along. :)

  2. Your skill builder is stunning---nicely pieced!

  3. I really love your skill builder :)

  4. your circus quilt turned out so great. i love the colors . it is so bright and fun