Monday, December 10, 2012


Ahhh!!! One week til moving day *cue panic*. So much packing still to do, but I suppose it will all get done. Makes me wish we didn't have so much stuff....and we've already gotten rid of so much! At least I am just about done all the things I need to sew with my machine. I made good progress this weekend on all that stuff, so soon I will pack it up and just have my hand work. I have mixed feeling on that; I do so love my sewing machine, but it will be nice to be making some things by hand like hexies, and socks, and cross stitch.

Anyway, on to the point! The feathers quilt is done!!!! I am so happy to be able to finally share this quilt! It is my first commissioned quilt and I have been working on it for quite a while now. It was made for the wonderful woman who took our family photographs over the summer. She requested the AMH feather bed quilt. Queen sized. This, my friends, is a very large quilt. It ends up 90" x 108" making it my largest quilt so far. And possibly my most epic :)

These blocks, while certainly beautiful, are a whole lot of work. Especially 57 of them. I used field study as the prints (15 out of the 36), kona charcoal as the stems, and a cream colored flat sheet from target for the background. The sheet got so soft after washing! The back is also a target sheet, this time gray, with a stripe of kona curry. I used a new-to-me batting this time, and I think I love it. It is nature-fill or something that I picked up at joanns. It is a blend of bamboo rayon and organic cotton and it is incredibly soft and has a great drape. I actually picked it up because I needed king size batting for this one so it needed to be packaged, and this was the one where I could quilt the furthest apart, but I ended up loving it and will definitely try it again.

The quilting is a zig zag in cream thread that follows the angles of the feathers. Since we decided to flip every other row of feathers, it worked out absolutely perfectly. It may be one of my favorite quilting jobs, I just love the way it compliments the feathers. I quilted random distances apart and it is certainly not perfect, but I love it.

I am happy to say that it has been received and the recipient loves it! It is also my final quilt finish of the year, which is kind of exciting. Now I just have a few more gifts to finish up and then I start wrapping! I do love that part a little :) So hopefully by Wednesday I will be finishing up the things I have left to sew and then the serious packing shall commence!


  1. It's fabulous!! Awesome job and good luck with all of your packing!!

  2. How could I not love it? It IS epic, and seriously the most beautiful quilt I have ever had and will ever own. I shouldn't covet things but, I seriously covet this quilt. Thank you for such a treasure.