Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome to the Pony Club

The Farmer's Wife Pony Club, that is! As I mentioned the other day, I started following this quilt-along that Susannah is hosting. I loved my original Farmer's Wife quilt so, so much and had been missing those little relaxing blocks, so joining in on this one seemed perfect. We are aiming to do 2 blocks per week, but obviously I went nuts and now have 7 blocks done, with no desire to stop. These blocks are 8" finished, so a bit bigger than the original farmer's wife, and from what I can tell so far, a bit more difficult.

Instead of going in the order of the letters in front like I did last time, this time I am just going alphabetically, mostly because then I can print one set of templates at a time. The letters are sweet though, and I love reading them.  It is also so much fun to do this scrappy style, without worrying about the other blocks, and just choosing fabrics for the block at hand. I think it will make for a really amazing quilt. The other one was all rainbow and, trust me, I love it, but this just has such a different feel. Also, these blocks are not on point like the others. What I am trying to say is that the idea is the same, but it is different enough to not feel like I am just doing the same thing again.

And now, the blocks!

a beauty

a dandy


apple tree

at the depot


basket of flowers

I know I need to stop these soon and work on some things that actually need to be done, so I am enjoying them as much as possible for now. I just love them! I also finally got my needles and started knitting another honey cowl, this time as a gift.  So those two things are pretty much what I've been doing. I am hoping to get my act together and make a wip list for next week and figure out what else I need to do. In the meantime, happy weekend!


  1. Girl, you are an inspiration!! These are awesome~
    I love the colors in At the Depot :)

    Share on Flickr too!!!


  2. There are some really fun blocks there! I can see how that could be addicting.