Monday, January 7, 2013

What's been going on

We are settling in here down south, and slowly figuring out our new routine. The house is {mostly} unpacked and the new job begun. The little lady and I are getting used to not having daddy around so much, but it hasn't been long yet so I don't know for sure how that is going. It seems fine so far, but I feel like at some point it will occur to her that this is the new normal and she may not like it so much. I know we will get there though. I always think learning your way around a new place is the hardest; finding the best grocery store and which streets go where and all that takes time.

Anyway, I have not been idle on the sewing front! I finished setting up my craft space, which I love. It has a great big bookshelf so I can see everything, lots of windows, my desk and even a little table and shelves for the little one to color/play at. Here is my shelf so far.

A work in progress I think, but I am loving the way it is working out so far. I still have a couple of things to find, like my extra bobbins, but I am sure they will turn up.

I also got some happy mail! I actually have more fabric and some knitting needles on the way, as well as a sock knitting book, but this was a good start :)

And after a lot of consideration and lists, I decided to start the year with a super fun, low stress project. I had been planning on joining in the Farmer's Wife Pony Club Sampler quilt along that Susannah is running on her blog, and it turned out that once I started, I just couldn't stop. The proposed schedule is 2 blocks/week so that in a year we would have a quilt top, with some weeks off for life happenings (there are 90 blocks). I am doing scrappy blocks just picking whatever fabrics I feel like and look good together. It is so freeing and relaxing to just commit to an 8" block without worry. Consequently, instead of stopping at 2 for the week, I am up to 5 and have the next fabrics all picked out.

I am not too worried though, I know I will get distracted by life and probably skip a few weeks so I am just going to go ahead and do as many as I feel like until the next inspiration strikes. Everything just feels too big right now, so these small blocks are perfect. It keeps me going without being overwhelming.

That's pretty much all that's been going on around here. Just taking it day by day, block by block. I am going to try to dig out my camera and do a proper post on these lovely blocks really soon.

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  1. For the me the worst is trying to learn where everything is in a new grocery store, and then getting lost every other second. My GPS saved me more times than I can count when we moved to Ohio. Looks like you're settling in though. I love your new sampler.