Monday, July 2, 2012

Beautiful Girly Dresdens

Hey! How have you been? Things have been crazy around here. As it turns out, one night in the emergency room has the power to throw off your entire week. So I am a bit slower than usual right now and have less time/energy for sewing, not to mention blogging. I am on the mend though, so hopefully I will be able to get back to working on more things soon. In the mean time I am just trying to keep it low key and manageable.

I did have one great and necessary finish though! I finally finished up the toddler dresden quilt I have been working on and gave it to the birthday girl yesterday :) I think it was a hit and she just got her toddler bed for her birthday as well so she is all set for big girl world.

It is a fairly simple design. I just made dresden plates of different sizes and angles until I had a layout I was happy with. I think the biggest are about 17" across and the smallest are about 7" with a couple sizes in between. I started out with the template from the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop For Quilters book which has 16 points. I made it with both the size in the book and enlarged to 200%. For the others I made a 30 degree angle template myself in different sizes. The fabric is a collection from Connecting Threads....Antoinette I believe, that I got last winter on clearance. I actually bought it with this particular little girl in mind and it took me this long to make a quilt out of it.

For the background I used a nice soft flat sheet from Target. I was excited I was actually able to buy just the flat sheet actually and it worked great. I appliqued the flowers on to the background first and then sandwiched it and quilted around each flower, then I put the centers on and quilted them on. To fill in the blank space I did a nice little loopy all around. It gave me a world of trouble, but it looks nice. Naturally I used pink thread :) The back is a pottery barn sheet I got a while back, leftover from making curtains. I just love the floral pattern. I forget what the binding is at the moment, but it is the perfect border.

It ended up a bit smaller than I intended at 41x59, but it should work on a crib mattress in a toddler bed. I really hope she likes it and it provides her many snuggley nights. My next quilting project will be to finish up the toddler swoon, hopefully sometime soon. But my little girl need a birthday dress first and I do owe my sister a few promised things...Also, I really must finish up my skill builder blocks. This list just keeps on going! Enjoy your holiday week!


  1. It's turned out wonderfully! The sheets work perfectly with the Dresdens. I'm sure your little girl will love it for a long time. :)

    (Glad to hear you're on the mend whatever threw you off. x)

  2. On my goodness - what happened? Glad to hear you're alright. PS- your Dresden toddler quilt is simply adorable.