Friday, July 20, 2012

progress is being made

I spent yesterday quilting and getting the binding on the front of my toddler swoon quilt. I love the way it is turning out and I can't wait to get it all finished, washed and dried. I am looking forward to a couple evenings sewing the binding down. Hopefully it will go quickly. I really just have these couple phone pictures that I took while I was working for now, but I am looking forward to getting some proper photos when it is finished.

Did I ever mention that after I make my binding, I wrap it around a toilet paper roll? It makes my life so much easier and I an just roll it out as I go. I don't even know how I started doing it, but it seriously works great. Anyway....

I guess that means my skill builder quilt top is up next. I am still debating sashing width, but I will make a decision today and start cutting I hope. And then I will get to start something new! *happy dance*

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. We are supposed to get some family pictures done so I am plotting which quilt(s) I may sneak into the pictures this time :) And maybe I'll be back Monday with a finished quilt!

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  1. Happy sewing! I will have to remember the binding trick, I am forever having to tug mine out from the chair wheels :)