Monday, July 23, 2012

Swooning Again

Happy Monday everyone! As promised, I have a finished quilt to share. The binding went even quicker than I expected, which was nice, and I got to settle in for some fun movie time to do it. Does anyone else measure binding time in movies? Like this was a two short movies job. But anyway...

This swoon quilt is for my little girl's big girl bed. That is once we convert her crib, which I imagine will be fairly soon. I love this pattern so very much, and had been wanting to scale it down. A toddler quilt seemed perfect. I did 2/3 size blocks so they finish at 16" and I love them just as much as the big ones. A 3x4 layout gave me a 48"x64" quilt which is perfect for her little bed. It shrunk down a bit, but still looks plenty big enough.

I decided on a color scheme and then tried to find fabric to fit into it, which was a lot more difficult than I anticipated on a computer screen. I originally wanted aqua instead of navy, but I loved the navy fabrics so I went with that instead. It does make it seem a bit more serious, but I really like it. And I really didn't want a solid background so I used a lizzy house jewel print instead.  The back is a sweet plaid I picked up at Joanns, which had the benefit of being 57" wide so I didn't need to piece it. I love the way it is so different but still goes with the front. The binding is a gray, also from Joanns, and I don't love it, it seems a little too on the blue side compared to the other grays I used, but I guess it works. My husband tells me it does anyway :) I also don't feel bad since a toddler bed won't last all that long anyway haha, and I am sure she will have much more say in the next bed quilt.

For the quilting, I did a loopy design going up and down in columns. I love it. A lot. I wasn't sure it would work, but it is really quite nice. It keeps it soft since the quilting is not too dense and was quick and fun to do. You can kind of see it in this picture, but it blends in pretty well.

It already got the seal of approval from the little one as she rolled around in it this afternoon. Now we just need to work on some potty training so we can convert the bed! This week is shaping up to be a crazy one, so I need to just take my relaxing sewing time while I can get it today and tomorrow and see what I can get done. I have already done a lot this weekend and I have high hopes for the next couple days.


  1. It's turned out great! I love that you've downsized the pattern. I like the block but have always felt that I'd not want a square quilt with only nine blocks. Silly me never thought of downsizing!

  2. It looks amazing!! I also love the smaller pattern...great idea! I definitely measure my binding time (and other sewing time for that matter, lol!) in movies. It sure makes the time pass faster!

  3. It looks fabulous and I love your loopy lines. Meanwhile, I totally measure binding by movie time as well.