Friday, July 27, 2012

When life kicks your behind...

Well, this week has not gone at all the way I imagined. I received some terribly bad news the other day. And while I am not going to go into it, there is a lot of physical and emotional healing that needs to happen. And so, blogging is on hold. Sewing is on hold for that matter.

I hope that in a few days I'll feel a bit more back to normal and sewing will become my therapy again, but at the moment it leaves the mind a bit too blank and lets too many things creep in. Time, it just all takes time. I even have things to show, things that I really intended to photograph and post for Wednesday. But I guess we'll see. I am hoping for this coming Wednesday though.

Not that I want anyone to worry about me. Really, I'm okay. Things suck, but I'm okay. We're okay and we will be okay. I know everything is for the best, but that doesn't make it much easier.  I just wanted to say that I might be a bit more MIA for a while. And just when I was getting back into the swing of things too....Anyway, I need to get back to not staring at my computer screen for now. I'll be back when I can and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Thank you for reading <3


  1. Sending good thoughts your way. Take your time. x

  2. Hope you're alright. Sorry to hear that things aren't going. I'm sending you happy/healing vibes through the computer. You're in my thoughts.