Monday, September 10, 2012

Knit Week: Results

So for the past week or so, I have been sewing only with knit fabrics. Mostly this was to get a fall wardrobe ready for my little love bug, but also to tie up a few other things I have had laying around approximately forever. So this is going to be a pretty picture-heavy post because I made a lot of things this past week. I suppose that is the advantage of them all being small :)

flashback skinny tees

I made 4 of these in the end from Rae's pattern. I kind of love them all and the pattern is really great. After the first one (the floral one) I did make the neckband a bit bigger since it was hard to get over her head and puckered a bit, but the instructions to do that were in the pattern. I made two of them with the 2" cuffs, one with 1" and one with no cuffs. I even managed to line up the stripes on the striped one!

crossover tee and sleeping johns

From the book Growing Up Sew Liberated (which I love by the way). These are her new fall pjs and they came out well. The shirt is definitely big. I made her the 3T because that is what we are starting to move her into, length wise, and it is just big. It was fine in the skinny tee where I made the same size, based on the same measurements. Not that it really matters since it is just for sleeping. And the pants were pretty simple and seem to fit her well.


I am not sure these will ever get worn. The fabric is leftover from a sweatshirt I made her last year and they are a bit busy and don't fit great. I used the sleeping johns pattern again but made it a bit wider since there is very little stretch to this fabric. And they fit well enough, but I don't love them....and she has no shirts to go with them anyway

bed sheet

So easy and soft and I love them.

towel robe

I used the pattern from MADE and it came out pretty well. I really had to fight with the bias tape on the tie, but I was using a tie I already had so it had bulky seems I was trying to work over. The whole thing is made from a bathrobe that I was done using for myself. I barely had enough fabric and as you can see there are pockets on both front sides, but it will work and it is cute.

In addition, I did finish the t-shirt for myself but I don't have a picture yet so I'll get to that later, and I finished the froggy hoodie that I had been planning. It is so cute. Made out of an old pair of my sweat pants, it is a 6-12 month size, so that will be hanging around waiting for a sweet baby to give it to. It just needs snaps.

So that's that. I was crazy busy getting all this done, and I am finishing up my tova. I just need to get buttons for the fall jacket and then finish that up. And I think today or tomorrow I am going to start working on a quilt. At a nice leisurely pace. Maybe I'll plan out more than one! I don't mind sewing with knit fabric, but I'm pretty glad I am done this round and my little love has some sweet hand made clothes to wear this fall, which appears to be here already. Definitely time to slow down a bit for a few weeks before I start ramping it up for the holidays. I guess I'm just making up for my leisurely summer :) I'll be back Wednesday with the full progress report!

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  1. Wow- I'm so impressed! Everything looks great - you really have been busy!