Friday, September 7, 2012

September Birthday Gifts

Ya know what's weird? Being back to a time of year where it being Friday actually means something! But here we are and boy am I glad the week is at an end. It's been a long one. That said, I have been sewing like a madwoman and am really knocking out all those knit things I need to make. Of course I was doing really well just trucking along and wouldn't you know, yesterday I got the quilting bug and got like 5 quilt ideas. *sigh* I will behave though and finish up these last few things first. I am hoping all this knit stuff will be sewn together by the end of the weekend, and then I want to make my tova so I can start wearing it, and finish the fall jacket for the little one and then, quilts. 

Anyway, now that the birthday gifts for my mom and sister have been given, I thought I would show full pictures of them. For my mom, I made a patchwork version of the Nikki Tote, which I have made before. I love this tote and had been looking for an excuse to make another. As an added bonus, all the fabric is from my stash. I don't often have a good project for all the heavier weight scraps that accumulate. Though really, this barely made a dent. Still, it's cute. I didn't have enough of that lovely purple I used for the outer handles, so I decided to just make the inside completely different and go with the yellow. And of course zebra print lining. My mom loves it and I actually love it quite a bit as well.

My sister got 2 different phone cases (and the cowl I knit for her and the carry-on bag that I made...). She told me she wanted one and even picked out the fabric, and I just couldn't decide which design was better so I gave her both. The one is just a pouch with a velcro closure and a little pocket on the back for cards or whatever.

The other used this tutorial just tweaking the size a bit for her phone. I think I like this one a bit more actually and might make one for myself at some point. It actually came out better then I expected it to. I used a layer of batting in the middle to make it a bit sturdier and I think it worked well. I don't know which she likes more but she assures me she will be using both.

Now I should be good on gifts until December I think. Which I will start thinking about soon. Unless I get distracted by too many more quilts. Which I am not ruling out. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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