Friday, February 15, 2013

Once upon a time...

Like, two days ago, I had this dream that I would have a completed pillow to show today. Then life happened. And instead we made a fresh strawberry cake with cream cheese icing for Valentines day. And yes, it did indeed take all day (little helpers will do that to a project) but it was pretty freaking amazing. It is surprisingly difficult to find a recipe for strawberry cake that does not use either boxed cake mix or strawberry jello, but this one came out really delicious. In any case, that is what I spent yesterday doing instead of working on the pillow. Oh and then I went a bit crazy with the quilting.....

Anyway, I thought I would show the before and after pictures of the doll stroller that I redid the other day. It is kinda hard to see, but the old one had one strap that was completely frayed and useless and my little love brought it to me pretty upset about it. I had been meaning to get around to making a new one anyway, because let's face it, that thing was ugly, and this was the push I needed. It really only took an hour or so to do. Here is the before:

As a side note, do you ever look at things like this and just realize in amazement how terribly made they really are?? Because seriously I looked at the stitching on the original seat and laughed. And then was horrified because it was just so bad. Thankfully my mother-in-law found it at a yard sale for $1 so I didn't feel too bad. 

The little one picked out the fabric that I used and then I found the twill tape on a roll at Joanns and I love the color. It doesn't really go with the pig fabric, but that's what she wanted and I really love that teal. Technically it is only 3/4" instead of the 1" original, but it works. To make it, I just traced the other pieces and cut them out. I didn't even have to worry about seam allowance since I was tracing a bound edge. I did end up cutting the two pieces apart to see if the top piece was curved (it wasn't...come to think of it, it wasn't even straight....) but I should have just gone for it. I was being cautious since I only had a fat quarter to work with. It took a bit of finagling, and there is an extra seam there on the front under the binding, but I made it work. Here is the after:

It came together wonderfully and it was great to have such a quick finish after working on that weekender for so long.  Now maybe today I can finish this stinking floor pillow. I can hope anyway! Have a good weekend!

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  1. It looks so much cooler now. Your little one picked out some stinking cute fabric!