Monday, February 25, 2013

Some crazy math

Weird, right? :) Alternate title: I'm so crafty.....I make people bahahaha.

So sometime in the second half of the summer, my little lady is going to be a big sister. Not that she has any idea what that really means at this point, but we'll get there. And that, my friends, is mostly why I fell of the sewing/blogging bandwagon for a while there. Not that moving 700 miles helped or anything haha. All things considered, I think I kept it up pretty well, but still.

In any case, I am feeling much better at this point and have a smidge of energy, hence actually sewing/posting more. I felt like I should mention it since I am starting to think baby sewing :) In fact, I am pretty sure my marcell medalion quilt from Liberty Love is going to be for baby. I started it the other day and have the center done, although I haven't photographed it yet. I should get on that. I am really excited about it though and can't decide whether to keep going or work on some pony club blocks. We'll see how I feel about it by naptime.

I guess that's enough excitement for one day :) I'll be back wednesday with my bits and pieces of progress!


  1. Whoooo! Congrats! How terribly exciting.

    I've no idea how you managed to move more than double the distance that I did (or still nearly a third more if I take into account my double moving) - with a toddler no less *and* pregnant- and *still* managed to sew more than me. Impressive. :)

  2. Yay!!! Congrats!! I'm so excited for you guys!