Monday, March 4, 2013

this weekend

It was definitely one of those weekends where I knew there were a ton of things I should be doing, and yet I ignored them all and worked on what I wanted. It was excellent. And I am sure that at some point soon I will have to face the music and do all those other things, but I am going to put it off as long as possible and keep going on my marcelle medallion quilt :)

I love this quilt. For the moment I only have my instagram pictures to show, but I'll take some better once once I have this next border on....or the one after that....did I mention I'm obsessed?? I am kind of hoping in my insanity I finish this top this week so that next week I can work on what needs to be done. We'll see if I am that quick.

Here is the progression of the top so far

And here is the prep for the next border which just needs to be laid out and sewn together at this point. Which I will hopefully do today. And I have ideas at least for the rest of the borders.

I am so, so excited to see this quilt come together. It's funny because I had been planning on making a medallion quilt for this baby all along, but I didn't intend to even start one for another month or two. Oh well, when inspiration strikes, you go with it! And this pattern is just perfect.

 So yeah, that's what has been occupying my mind and sewing room lately. With all the different fabrics in this quilt it looks like a tornado went through. One this is done though, I am going to finish making up those pouches for sew south, which is only a few weeks away!! I also have some other prep to do for that, and I have a quilt to quilt, and a quilt to start.....but I am just going to keep ignoring all that for a while longer :)


  1. Ignore away! :) I really love the soft colours in this one. Dreamy.

  2. The scrappy triangle border is super cute!