Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday {3.6.13}

After a pretty slackerish end to last week, I have picked it up and am working away at my marcelle medallion quilt. I seriously can't stop. So that is my main progress for the week, but at least I gave some thought to the other things I need to do. I figured if I have a plan and know what I am doing, it will go much quicker once I finally get around to doing it, right? Only in the past couple of days has it really dawned on me that in 2 weeks I will be just about to go to the Sew South retreat!!! I am so excited but there is much prep to be done.

marcelle medallion - once I figured out that first border, I started flying through it. I can't stop! I love seeing it come together and each round just adds so much! I am halfway through making the next round and then I have 2 or 3 more, I haven't decided whether I am putting the final border on, we'll see how I feel when I get there.

sample swap items for sew south - I picked out fabric for the 4 I need to make, so once the quilt top is done and I can focus on other things, I will get right to making these.

pony club quilt - no new blocks this week. One of these days I will just go play catch up. At least my quilt is adding lots of scraps to play with!
hexies - I haven't touched them.
honey cowl - neglected
lilly belle - the back is purchased! I still need batting though.

So the goal is to finish the medallion quilt top asap and start prepping for Sew South. I hope I am not in too much of a crunch to get it all done in time! By this time next week, I really hope to have a finished quilt top and 4 completed swap bags. I guess we'll see if I am being too ambitious haha. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. I like your scrappy medailon - nice bright happy colours.

  2. I love this medallion quilt. I have no time to start one, but I'd really like to! However, it is nice to see them pop up on my reader because then I get to drool! I love the fabrics you chose for yours!

  3. I love your marcelle medallion!! I really want to have a go at one, but have a list of other things to get through first!!

  4. I am excited to meet you at Sew South! I know what you mean about crunch time to get everything together... I have been frantically sewing secret sister stuff, swap stuff, and the duffel bag! I love your medallion quilt. I am working myself towards starting one too... I just want to make everything.

  5. I've already said it, but I'll say it again: Love the medaillion.

    The fabric choices for the swap items are cool. I especially love the top left one. But I'm sure you knew I'd be drawn to it.

    Wishing you so much fun at the retreat!

  6. Those borders are so fun! Great job. :)

  7. I can see how the medallion quilt is addictive. Yours is looking great so far. Such pretty fabric choices for your Sew South swap!! Just two more weeks, I am getting excited.

  8. beautiful - I saw another this week too. it looks like a lot of fun.

  9. I am loving your medallion. I've seen quite a few of these on instagram and I am loving your colors!