Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday {3.13.13}

What a week! Definitely having one of those weeks that I have wished was over since it started. I would blame daylight savings, but I think with a toddler, some weeks are just like that anyway. Let's just hope it's a phase, and one that passes quickly. Anyway, now that my medallion top is finished, I have been able to start focusing my attention elsewhere and thankfully, that means Sew South prep! Which is a super good thing considering a week from now I will be getting everything ready and hopping in the car to drive to Charlotte.

marcelle medallion - top finished!! And it is among my favorites ever. I am seriously considering a voile backing and hand quilting. I am thinking concentric circles, even though it would probably take me forever. So now I just have to learn to hand quilt....

sew south sample swap - almost done the bags! I was so close to finishing them up yesterday, but oh well, I'll get them finished up today.

sew south prep - I need to prep my duffle bag and pick out fabrics for my clutch and paper piecing classes. And dig out my old sewing machine to bring, and all that jazz.
pony club quilt - no new blocks this week. One of these days I will just go play catch up. At least my quilt is adding lots of scraps to play with!
hexies - I haven't touched them.
honey cowl - neglected
lilly belle - I have to embroider in the one plain block with the initials/wedding date, then baste and quilt. I'll be hopefully taking care of that after I get back.

So I guess we know what I'll be working on this week! I am hoping it doesn't take too long to get all that ready for the retreat. I guess most of it is picking fabric so that could go quickly or it could take forever, you never know. I think I have some vague ideas though so that should help. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to start basting my lilly belle quit this week too, but who knows if I will get that far. At this point I am just hoping to make it through the rest of this week with both me and my child alive :)

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  1. Cute Colors! I grew up with hand quilting. It's not very difficult, just make sure you push using a thimble or your fingers will get sore. Also, try to get as many stitches as possible on that needle. Good luck! I'd love to see how it turns out.

  2. Your Marcelle Medallion is gorgeous! Kudos to you for considering trying out hand quilting ;)

  3. Stopping over from WIP - love your medallion quilt, its gorgeous!!!

  4. The medallion quilt is great. Love the bright colours.

  5. I can't believe I didn't know about Sew South. Reading about it now is painful cause it's sold out. But I really like your pouches. They look fun.

  6. Love your quilt top! It's going to be even better once it's quilted :) And cute pouches!

  7. Love your Marcelle Medallion Cassie!! The colors are so pretty and fresh. So excited for Sew South - see you next week :)

  8. Love your marcelle medallion. Just beautiful.

  9. Check out Anna Maria Horner's blog for a great handquilting tutorial. That's where I learned to hand quilt :)
    We have had a rough week of bedtimes with my 19 month old. I feel ya girl!
    Your quilt is adorable. Happy sewing!