Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday {6.12.13}

Hard to believe another week has gone by! We are having a rough one around here, but I *think* things are looking up. I have been going through the things I need/want to make at a surprising rate and I don't know how long it will last, but I am enjoying it for the time being. I have a bunch of things done and even more things that are finally ready to go!

divided basket - love this thing! I am debating another one, but until I can figure out what will go in it, I am not going to bother.

hooded towels - so simple and way cuter than the ones at the store, plus softer and more absorbent. A total win!

wipes - I made a stack of cloth wipes to round out our collection after we weeded out the ones that were falling apart. These are hands down the best wipes we have used. Creepy monster flannel seemed appropriate :)

decorated washcloths - I made this bunch so we can test them out and see how they wash and wear, so I may or may not end up decorating the rest of the pack.

twinkle - I wanted to prove that I did at least start sewing down the binding....and maybe at some point I will finish it.

super tote - pieces cut and ready. This is the project for today.

birthday dress - I bought a pattern and fabric and am ready to go.

voile/flannel blanket - this is going to be the softest blanket in the history of ever....I wish it was for me!

burp cloths - I am still figuring out exactly what shape to make them, but fabric is ready!

baby stuff - hooded towels, washcloths, wipes, security blankets, burp cloths, voile/flannel blanket, t-shirts, decorated onesies, bibs, booties
bed quilt for neighbor - I finally decided on measurements so when I don't feel like doing anything else I can sketch it out
pony club quilt - I would love to make some blocks at some point...
hexies - maybe these will get done when I get too big/uncomfortable to sit at my machine
wedding quilt - good thing the wedding isn't until october!

Getting there. I have to finish the birthday dress by next weekend so she can wear it for our family pictures, so I have a deadline for that one. Hopefully the pattern isn't too bad. And I guess we'll see what else gets finished. I am pretty excited about my super tote, less excited about interfacing all the pieces. I am also trying to muster up the determination to get that stinking twinkle quilt finished by Sunday so I can wash it when I do laundry; maybe an arbitrary deadline will help.  Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. I love your divided basket and those super cute washcloths!

  2. So many cute projects! I really love your divided basket - the yellow lining especially (it says fill me with pretty things).

  3. LOVE those washcloths! I think I'll have to do the same with some boring white ones I just bought.

  4. Hi! I saw you link on WIP Wednesday and love your projects. As I was reading your post, I kept thinking your blog could totally be mine! I just made a divided basket and used the Les Amis fabrics in a baby quilt recently. Looking around, it seems we're both big fans of Noodlehead patterns. :) Anyway, great work!

  5. You are insanely productive.
    Your projects all look great, but I'm particularly in love with your basket. It is *perfect*!

  6. Holy cow- you've gotten quite a bit done and you have so many great projects going.

  7. I'm loving all your baby projects! I may just have to steal some of these, especially the divided basket!

  8. Hope you get the B-day dress finished in time!

    The voile and flannel quilt sounds yummy!!