Thursday, June 12, 2014


I made shorts, people! And they are probably as nice as any I've bought! And they fit and I love them and thank goodness they are done because it's so freaking hot!

This was a big one for me, in case you couldn't tell. Bottoms, elastic waistbands aside, are scary stuff! I used the grainline studios maritime shorts pattern, and it is fantastic. I decided to test it out with some corduroy I had sitting around, and used some leftover lawn for the inside of the waistband and the pocket linings. I inserted my first zip fly, which was not as hard as I had feared, and ultimately changed the closure from a slide hook and eye thing, to a button. I even hand stitched down the waistband like a champ and they look so professional. I admit I am a little shocked.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of me wearing them. Mostly because by the time I thought of it they had been worn all day and looked it. But they fit great. I think I might actually shorten them a bit on the next pair, because oh yes there will be a next pair. Once I figure out what to make them out of.

I think that's about it as far as clothes for me for the moment. I am sure there will be another round, but I am definitely taking a breather for now. I have a few things for the kiddies and of course, a quilt to share soon :) I have so many things to get made right now and I am pretty sure every day I add something else. Currently I am figuring out what birthdayish things I need to make all sneaky-like while the little is at camp during the mornings next week, and trying to have it all ready to go so I can actually get it done.

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